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What to Wear for a Medical Assistant Interview

Medical assistants play a vital role on a health care team at a medical facility. Medical assistants receive training in school or on the job where they learn to take patient histories, record vital signs, assist physicians, schedule appointments and manage electronic health records. To enter this rewarding field, you need to make a great impression at a job interview.

Employers look for applicants who are personable, confident and trustworthy. Even before you say a word, your interview attire speaks volumes about you. Choosing the right professional health care interview attire can help you land your dream job.

Health Care Interview Attire for Women

Meds News explains that medical assistants are supposed to look and act the part of qualified health care professionals. Understand that your appearance and mannerisms will reflect directly on your future employer. You can make a positive impression at your interview by wearing a dress suitable for a business office, a pantsuit, or a skirt and blazer.

Choose darker, solid-colored suits, dresses and tops to show you’re serious about the position. Wear comfortable low-heeled dress shoes instead of platforms or open-toed shoes, which aren’t acceptable in a medical office. Long hair should be neat and pulled back.

Health Care Interview Attire for Men

Impressions are made about trustworthiness within seven seconds of an initial meeting, reports Psychology Today. Because trustworthiness is an important quality in medical assistants, it’s essential to manage first impressions at your medical assistant job interview. A dark-colored, quality suit that fits well is an excellent choice when job hunting.

Men’s shirts and ties should be clean and pressed. Avoid loud colors and distracting patterns. Dress shoes must be polished and in good shape. Your grooming should also be impeccable when competing for jobs in a health care setting.

Avoid a Wardrobe Faux Pas

One of the biggest faux pas a job applicant can make is wearing scrubs or a medical uniform to an interview, reports the Medical Assistant Career Guide. Although you will likely wear a uniform as a medical assistant when you’re hired, always interview in a nice business outfit. Makeup, jewelry, fingernail length and polish should be conservative and neutral in color to avoid distraction. Do not wear scented hairspray, heavy aftershave or perfume that may bother patients and coworkers with chemical sensitivities.

Before stepping foot in the office for your interview, check your appearance in a pocket-size or restroom mirror. Don’t ruin a perfect smile with lipstick smudges on your teeth. Make sure a skirt hem is straight, pants are zipped, laced dress shoes are securely tied, and unruly cowlicks are slicked back. Some women avoid wearing button-down blouses for fear of a button popping open during an interview causing awkwardness for everyone, especially on the office and lab tour.

Medical Assistant Interview Questions

A great medical assistant interview outfit can bolster your self-confidence when answering interview questions. If you feel good about yourself, you’re more likely to come across as competent, which is an important attribute when assisting patients. Purdue University Global indicates that medical assistant interview questions focus on the applicant’s suitability for the job.


Why are you interested in a medical assistant career?

What makes you a strong candidate for this job?

Responses to medical interview questions should focus on your strengths related to the job, such as communication skills, organizational abilities, dependability and sound judgment. Wearing appropriate health care interview attire shows that you understand and value professionalism. Conversely, showing up in clothes that are faded, wrinkled, frayed or stained suggests that you didn’t care enough about the interview to look your best. Money spent on a haircut and interview clothes can result in a good return on investment.

By Mary Dowd

Updated July 13, 2021




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